Britney & the Blog

In short, I’m a 27-year-old wife (since 2009) and stay-at-home-mother (since 2011) dedicated to being a great wife, raising my kids to know and love God, and making my home beautiful, organized, and great. I enjoy anything that allows me to use my creative skills and talents. Part-time, I design and print wedding and event invitations, and event flyers.

What you’ll find in my small part of the “blogisphere”…

  • Fashion ideas for the plain Janes like myself.
  • DIY projects and crafts. My husband works in the home improvement profession and we just HAD to purchase an old “fixer upper” for our first home 🙂
  • Nail designs I do myself.
  • Natural hairstyles.
  • Family and home related topics. Not advice, only my failures and accomplishes.
  • Spiritual encouragement. My honest opinions and biblical truth.
  • Other random things.

Last, but most importantly, JESUS CHRIST GUIDES MY LIFE.

My ol’ Man & Me:


Mommy’s Babies:

Image-1 (7)


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