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Hello gorgeous people!

I recently entered a contest in which Tolanda at The Lacquered Owl was having a big giveaway celebrating reaching 1,100+ Instagram followers. Tolanda started her blog site just last month in December and it’s all about her love of nail polish, more specifically, indie nail polish, which is handmade. Individuals actually make their own polishes, most times in the privacy of their own home. I made a post about my first indie polish purchase and review a few months ago and Tolanda is who actually piqued my interest about indie nail polish. I had never heard of it until following her on Instagram.

I reluctantly entered the giveaway, hoping and praying I would win. I didn’t want to get my hopes up. There were over 17,000 entries. There could only be a total of five winners. The odds of me winning… LOW! Me out of 17,000 people?! I was still excited at the possibility and I entered by following every sponsor and whatever else was asked of me. The final verdict… I, entry #9,792, WON!!! I was one of the top two random picks, the second name announced! I was so excited. I was running around the house yelling, “I won! I won! Thank you Jesus!” My two year old was following and repeating me. My husband thought I had won some money. It sure did feel like it. This is my first time winning a giveaway.

So onto the good stuff!

Tolanda and me don’t live far from one another, so she just brought my gift by my house.

LO Gifts Collage1

LO Gifts Collage2

I received a 500 piece Nail Art set with jewels, studs, and beads, Nail Art vanilla scented polish remover pads, a 4 oz. bottle of vanilla spice scented acetone (polish remover), a Savi nail brush, a Ms. Manicure Block Party 4-way buffing block, and tweezers with snowflakes printed on them (too cute!). I also received a $15 egift code to use towards a purchase at Polish Addict Nail Color! I used it pretty much right away and I can’t wait to post about the three polishes I chose to purchase, they’re gorgeous!

Tolanda asked what my favorite candy is, I mentioned Skittles and she put 2 boxes in my gift box along with some chocolates (my two year got into those before I could picture them) and a cute little owl lollipop.


Every single polish was bubble wrapped to perfection. I’m super excited to say that 10 out of 12 of my new polishes are indies!!!! I have details (site, brand, & color) of each polish below each photo.

photo 5

Left to right…

1. Contrary PolishWestport, described as “dusty olive green with gold shimmer.”

2. Fickle Fairy PotionsBluejean Jeggings, described as “a deep blue polish. Beautiful deep color.”

3. Contrary PolishFluorite

photo 4

4. CJ LacquerWinter Wonderland is described as “a beautiful white crelly with green, black, teal and white glitter in various shapes and sizes.”

5. Bliss PolishMystic

6. Dollish PolishDark Passenger

photo 3

7. LaquerliciousStained Glass II is described as “a silver hologram base with silver, teal, pink, purple, green, navy blue, red and orange HOLOGRAM glitter! There are hex, square and circle shaped glitter, ranging from large to tiny in size.”

8. Shimmer Kisses – The Mermaid is “made up of pink bars, blue stars and iridescent hexagons in a clear base.”

9. Pipe Dream PolishThe Night’s Magic is “made up of royal blue and fuchsia with various sizes of other purples and blues in a scattered holo black base.”

photo 2

10. Revlon Colorstay – 220 Rain Forest  (non indie)

11. Sinful Colors – 1362 Just a Pinch  (non indie)

12. She’Libby

**Tolanda gave me a thank you card, but I’m the one who should be thanking her! I am so very thankful! Thank you Tolanda! Thank you to all the wonderful sponsors! I pray you all continued success!**

If you haven’t checked out any or a few of these indie brands, I suggest you do! Just click on the links (their names) and it’ll take you right to their site. They all have some great looking, affordable polishes and I can see that they work hard to make quality products!

Thanks for reading!