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This is a fun and easy project for the family! You can tweak it however you want, add more items, add some glitter, use a thicker ribbon. Overall, the idea is to have some family fun then stand back and watch the smile on your kids faces after they see their handy work and decor hung up for all to see 🙂

You’ll need:
[ ] Faux leaves. Found mine at Dollar Tree for well, $1 for a pack of many.
[ ] Glue. I used a hot glue gun and needed a couple extra sticks.
[ ] String of some sort. I used about 6ft. of some 3mm thick yellow ribbon I had in one of my crafts drawers for over a year.

Lay out three or 4 leaves at a time, back facing up, like so:


I held the ribbon in one hand (left), the glue gun in the other (right). I put a dot on the back of each leaf, and laid the string over the glue. The glue dries really fast so you have to move a little quickly. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just get the string on before the glue dries and make sure the string is set in the glue.



Then what you’ll do is put another glue dot over the first dot and string then put another leaf on top and use the tip of the glue gun to press down on the glue dot to make sure it’s set on well. Then repeat all of the above until your ribbon is completely covered 🙂


First location… Lighting wasn’t good enough.


Second and final location… Our unfinished banisters 🙂