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Hello ladies!

Thank you for stopping by to check me out 🙂 I have a new project I want to share!

Over a year ago I added some shelving into my kids closet, my daughter and my boys closet. All the closets in my home are basic, one top shelf and a pole underneath for hanging clothes, you know what I’m talking about, right? Well I got tired of it! Not being able to utilize the space we have and knowing the potential.

I began with my boys closet. It ended like this:


It was working for awhile and then… I grew to dislike it!

My petty gripes:

1. BOTTOM SHELVES. The bottom shelves originally had bins with toys in them. I got tired of my kids taking out everything at once, making a huge mess and not wanting to clean up. We took all toys to the basement and made that their play area. Then I used the bottom shelves for their shoes, it was unrealistic of me to expect them to keep their shoes neatly lined up. I had their books on the bottom shelf, my youngest who just turned two last month would take out every book and ruined a few. So I put them at the top out of his reach. Bottom line: I had no use for the bottom shelves!

2. THE POLES. I grew to dislike the 3 poles, I feel like each kid should have an even amount of pole space for their clothes.

3. THE SHELVES. I didn’t measure them properly from top to bottom in each “cubby” space. Well, I didn’t measure at all. I was just excited to get it done. I didn’t think about it being too much space in between each shelf and the clothes would lean over because each shelf space was too wide, but not wide enough to stack clothes side by side and a couple spaces were about 15″ tall.

THE UPDATED CLOSET (still a work in progress):



I plan to paint the walls blue and the top shelf white to match the others. The top shelf is the original from when the house was built in the 60’s, we saved a little $$ in keeping it.

The blue bin on the top shelf holds extra pant hangers. I still have some jackets I need to hang but I’m out of top/shirt hangers! The plastic container on the top shelf has puzzles and card games I don’t want scattered everywhere and lost. The blue bin on the last shelf holds diapers. The two baskets at the very bottom has shoes. The left side of the closet belongs to my 2-year-old, the right side my 4-year-old.

I originally spent $60 on melamine shelving and supplies for my boys closet. I reused everything for the “re-do” and it was tough taking the pieces apart! I only had to buy a new pole ($10). My husband has all the tools I needed.

Boys room info: We still have to add new trim in their room, at the bottom and around the doors. My husband added new windows and window trim earlier this year. I painted their room green earlier this year. And you want to know the bad part… I still have the blue tape up top over the crown molding! Lol. It needs one more coat of paint under the crown molding. (Bad Britney! *gently spanks my own hand*) Our whole house is a big work in progress!

My daughter’s closet layout is different from my boys and has worked very well for us so I won’t be re-doing her closet.

So what do you think?