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Image-1 (5)

Further down is a photo 7 days after the polish application without the glitter.

So, thanks to an old friend from high school, known on Instagram and Facebook as The Lacquered Owl and Instagram I’ve gained a new appreciation and like for independent nail polish businesses, or as the self proclaimed nail polish addicts call it, “indie” nail polish.

The glitter compilations are absolutely gorgeous and unlike anything I’ve seen in stores and from what I’ve read, a lot of indie polishes are better quality than big name company’s because each individual indie business makes their polishes personally and are more likely to give their products more care and attention than larger brands that use factories to produce their products.

I actually just made my first indie nail polish purchase a couple weeks ago. I’m very pleased and wanted to share!

**The gold glitter is not from ARIA**

Company: ARIA Nail Polish

Their Esty shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ARIAnailpolish

Colors I ordered: Pastel Salmon, Fall Suede, Fall Sunset, and Fall Olive. The latter three were a set.

Total cost including shipping and handling: $20.75

What led me to ARIA was my Etsy search for handmade nail polish… and ARIA’s prices! A lot of indie poilsh is $8+. I ain’t got time for that! Haha. I’m cheap. My budget is more around $5-$7 because we also have to pay shipping and handling. Some are so pretty that I will eventually pay more than that, I can’t even lie. The good thing is that they have sales and discounted discontinued colors! 🙂

Colors I used: Pastel Salmon and Fall Suede.

Day 1:

photo (15) copy

I did use a thin base coat from another brand. I did not add a topcoat. I didn’t want to mess up the natural shine from the polish.

Day 7:

image (2)

It was rainy, gloomy day when I took this picture. Within those 7 days I did A LOT. Keep in mind that I’m a stay-at-home mom of three under seven and I babysit. I did a lot of cleaning because we had a birthday party for my now 2 and 7 year old kids. I used my nails to scrape stickers off our tables  from the kids. I scraped bar code stickers off goody bag items for the party. They held up pretty well.

I did not show my hand with glitter because the glitter was a different popular brand name polish I ordered from Amazon.com. It held up well too.

ARIA Pros:

  • The colors are true to what is shown on the photos.
  • Great customer service. I was notified when my polish was being made and shipped.
  • I only needed to apply two coats for a great look.
  • Very shiny and it went on evenly.

ARIA Cons:

  • The fall collection bottles were a little smaller than I expected.
  • Fall suede was a little thick, but it was an easy fix.

I have not yet tried the other two colors.

Other businesses I recommend for us cheapees and those who aren’t so cheap:

Neener Neener Nails

Sick Lacquers

Smitten Polish

Laquerlicious Handmade Nail Lacquer

Nostalgic Nail Lacquer

Black Cat Lacquer


Me.Lissa Lacquer

There are sooooo many more that I like and hope to order from soon. Please recommend more in comments for other newbies!