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I’m really good at getting straight to the point so…

I’m tired of dark skinned girls sob stories about being the underdog and gay peoples stories about being teased. There’s like 30 documentaries about it. Yes, it’s wrong!! It hurts. I have a huge birthmark that covers about 35-40% of my face. I was teased all my years in grade school, by the same few people. “Two-face” “Black eye” “Kano”, I’m sure there’s more names. Yeah, it sounds funny to some. It is to me now looking back on it. Kano from Mortal Combat? That’s pretty creative. I still get adults asking me if I’m okay, thinking I have a black eye. People stare. I just assume it’s for my beauty 🙂 It’s been awhile, but kids would ask what’s wrong with my eye. It’s a little embarrassing, but I really don’t care. I still look good. I focus on the positive. I get a lot of positive comments and that’s what I consider over the negative.

Whining and complaining about how you’re treated as a dark skinned individual will not make you more attractive. Confidence in who you are makes you attractive. Whining and complaining will not get you a job, keep searching or start your own business. All types of people are out of work, even educated White people! Tired of people looking at you because you’re overweight? Work out. Do something about it or learn to love yourself for who you are, just the way you are.

Can I add something real quick? Gay marriage legalization WON’T stop discrimination. Look at how much racism still exists after all Brown people and Indians went through since our ancestors were taken from their homeland and Indians had their homeland stolen. We had the civil rights movement, we gained the right to vote, equality by law, but there’s still too much going on with Brown people being treated unfairly. Laws will not teach tolerance. Tolerance is learned and it usually takes one to know a gay person personally to develop tolerance of their behavior. Same with Brown people. A relative of my husband told me how her mother was really prejudiced, stems from way back in the day. It took her to know Brown people, and be cared for them in the nursing home she lived in to love Brown people.

We need to stop being selfish, stop complaining and whining and be great contributors to our communities as a whole and help anyone in need irregardless of race, sexual orientation, disability, etc. Show love, receive love. Be you, be happy. Gay, dark skinned, fat, whatever, all types of people (disabled, illiterate, poor, raggedy clothes, disfigured or physical deformities, big nose, big ears, etc.) are teased and/or bullied. Being against hate and bullying of all sufferers is a greater cause to support, but for some reason gay people like to single themselves out like they’re the only ones suffering. There’s more than enough support groups for the homosexual lifestyle. It’s all over television. Their goal is to change every non-gay or anti-gay person’s mind to agree with them. That’s impossible. It’s crazy that people who come out the closet get more recognition, support, and praise than the men and women who fight for our country and everyday people who contribute greatly in our communities… in the world! I think the Brown women who make documentaries about being dark and things of that nature just want a pity party. I can recognize when someone is trying to raise awareness of an issue versus someone just wanting attention.

Stand up for something greater than yourself.

In this moment, I’m in 100% agreement with myself (lol), however, I don’t think my word is bond. I may have a one-sided opinion. I’m open to other views and opinions on this issue.