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I really like to blog. I like to express myself and share what’s on my mind with other individuals who are willing to read or care what about what little ol’ me has to say. Thing is… I don’t always feel it.

I would love to be able to blog two or three times a week, like many of my favorite bloggers do, but I just don’t see how women with a bunch of kids (like myself) do it. Maybe I’m not disciplined enough. When I started this blog I told myself I would post once a week, on Mondays. That was my goal. I got off to a decent start, however, my Monday blog plan didn’t last very long.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I am not going to stress myself out about this. My life does not and will not revolve around this blog. I see too many people stressing over their blogs. I don’t want to stress or feel overwhelmed. I have three children and sometimes I just don’t feel like blogging every single week. That’s one of my problems. The other is that, sometimes, when I get in front of the computer, wanting to blog about a specific topic that I’m passionate about, I start typing and after I read over my incomplete post, I just don’t feel it enough to continue with what I typed. What I typed lacked something and I just don’t know what that something is. When I blog about something I’m passionate about I want to capture my passion into that post and it’s just hit and miss for me.

As far as blogging about my crafts and DIY projects, I don’t make things every week. More like once a month.

I like to blog about fashion. I shop a lot but I might be too lazy to photograph all my new items I purchased on the good and low end. But let me tell you… I buy some good stuff for super cheap! I’m mostly an online shopper and ooh… just thought of an idea :-).

I may not feel like “writing” all the time, but I’m always a blogger because I don’t always have to write or type a huge paragraph (or a few paragraphs) to blog. I could post photos.

I know I have to blog regularly to get a good “following” so I’ll work on it, but I will continue to choose QUALITY over quantity when it comes to what I put out. Maybe I’ll still share the posts I don’t like. I could do “Failed Post Fridays”. I’ll see.