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My baby boys (1 and 4) and me in Animal Kingdom. It was my 4-year-old’s birthday. Mine was the day before.

Exactly a month ago today my family and I left Missouri to go to Orlando, FL for a 5-day family vacation. I want to make a post about the trip, however, my father hasn’t sent me his batch of photos he snapped and I’m sure he has much better photos than I do so for now, I thought I’d show you what I wore.

As you can see, what I wore to our second day at Disney World, is very simple, but still cute. I  took into consideration that it was going to be very hot, and we were going be walking around for about 8+ hours. All my sandals are heels, wedges, or too flat to be comfortable to walk around that long with 4 kids (my three and my niece) I knew I would have to chase at one point or another.


The red tank I bought on Target clearance for about $3. I also wore it in this post layered with a maxi skirt.

I bought the denim shorts on sale at JCPenney for $10 and some change.

Shoes, I LOVE. They’re no-lace leopard print Keds I bought on sears.com for $22! They’re so comfortable.

Belt… Do you really want to know? Just in case you do, JCPenney clearance for around $7.

The first day we spent at Disney World my parents wanted everyone dressed alike so my brother designed some shirts for us and we received a lot of compliments.

I thought it was SO cute how my sister wore hers… With a denim vest and khaki capri’s. One of my brothers wore a very similar outfit.  without knowledge of what she was wearing. You can see him walking in the background on the left.  Adults wore orange, kids turquoise, toddlers white.