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Hello ladies! I hope you’re having a wonderful day.

I’m excited to share this outfit with you! It’s one of my spring favorites and it can also be worn in the fall.

It was literally something I quickly put together and for some reason, those outfits usually turn out the best for me. I wore this to church.

I’ll start from the bottom…

Shoes: Faux leather, peep toe. Rouge brand. Ordered from endless.com a couple years ago and this was my first time wearing them! They have a stiletto heel and I’ve been terrified to wear them until now.

Pants: Calvin Klein. I bought those jeans about 7 or 8 years ago and I haven’t wore them in a few years even though I love how they fit. I feel like certain jeans have to go with a specific look and after I put this on and look in the mirror, I thought this was the perfect look. I can also see these jeans with a tight fitted, sleeveless solid-colored tank top, 4+ inch heels, cute simple scarf and a cute tote bag.

Belt: Amanda Smith. Macy’s clearance. I’m positive it was under $10 because I won’t pay more than that for a belt.

Shirt: Wet Seal. Sheer, beige. My sister gave it to me, with the earrings as a Christmas gift. My favorite thing about this shirt is that is has buttons going down the back the same way as in the front.

Blazer: Local thrift store last year. Tag was cut off so I don’t know the brand. I think I paid $4 for it. It looked as if it hadn’t been worn, very great condition which is a triple plus (+++). This was my first time wearing it other than trying it on.

Random addition: Someone told me I look like Thelma from the 70’s show Good Times. I had to look her up because I was clueless. She’s very pretty so it was a nice compliment.