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I’m not just just a pinner, I’m a doer.


To be honest, I was unaware that it was Teacher Appreciation Week until I saw teachers, more specifically, my aunt who’s a teacher, mentioning it on facebook and instagram. I was planning to forego my family’s participation, but then I thought this special week would be the perfect time to show our appreciation to my daughter’s wonderful teacher. My original plan was to make this and give it to my daughter’s teacher the second to last week of school. Plans changed at the last minute.

I had to make a quick run to the grocery store and while there I decided to buy a couple boxes of crayons (24 pack) for the project. I already had ribbon and the little flower stickies.

Easily put, I hot glued the crayons to a [thoroughly cleaned] pickle jar, added some ribbon and flowers. Phoenix wrote her teacher’s name around the back of the ribbon with a permanent marker. We put the gift with white tissue paper inside a cute multi-colored glittery gift bag. I also had Phoenix write a letter. Twice. The first time I asked her what she wanted to write and I wrote it for her how she should write it, letter form. After she went to sleep I got the bright idea to have her re-write it in the morning without my assistance so it could be more personal. Her teacher knows what level she’s on and understands that words may be misspelled.

Writing the first letter…

ImageThe second letter…Image

The only input I gave Phoenix with this letter is telling her where to write the date (after I took this photo), I sounded out “kin-der-gar-ten” , and told her to write the years under her name. She had nothing around to look at, I did not tell her how to spell anything. She loves reading, writing, and art. I was the exact same way at her age.

The main reasons my daughter’s teacher is so awesome…

Since I first met her she’s always energetic and in a good mood. From my experience with her this year, I can tell that she pays attention to each individual child and understands that not all children learn at the same pace. During parent-teacher conferences she was very enthusiastic about Phoenix learning capabilities. She was so excited to show me how far along Phoenix is in each area, how high she scored in each area in which she was tested. She told me she goes to first grade classrooms to get extra work for Phoenix. That’s a great teacher. She realizes that Phoenix needs more challenging work sometimes so she’s not bored and so that she continues to learn beyond what is generally taught at the kindergarten grade level. I’m grateful that Phoenix teacher is willing to go the extra mile for her students and it makes me feel good that she’s as excited about my child’s educational abilities as I am.

I’m very grateful and blessed that Phoenix was blessed with such an awesome teacher for her first year of “big kid” school!

All great teachers should have their desk flooded with gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week.

I found this idea on pinterest from the blog, Our Life… It’s All About Ty and Ashlee.