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I didn’t notice until I thought about making this post that my outfit is the same color as fire & smoke… Minus the blue. That explains the title.

One of my friends also reminded me that I’m wearing the Kansas City Chiefs colors. That’s my hometown NFL team.

Church flow…

I wore this to church recently. My best friend told me I needed to get a picture in this outfit before the end of the day, so I did. I had my husband take the photo, but… He always has to make it crazy. I wasn’t ready when he first began snapping away. I was talking and he kept taking pictures.

Outfit description:

Blazer: Kohl’s a couple years ago. It’s actually the top half of a skirt suit I have.

Shirt: Target $7- clearance, recent purchase, first time wearing

Pants: JCPenney $10- clearance, recent purchase, first time wearing

Shoes: Target. I’m positive they were no more than $15, I really think they were under $10! I bought them last year.